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Rule No.1 of blogging “you've got 8 seconds to grab their attention”.  

Now, that I have your attention feel free to read my first official The MOD’s Blog post. I guarantee it won’t disappoint you. It will give you an amusing and refreshing look at the modern 20 ... something, professional female’s lifestyle. It will be engaging, thought-provoking and every other synonym for interesting that you can think of!

It’s a lifestyle blog, essentially my lifestyle, a lifestyle that contains* beauty, current affairs, fashion, fitness, general funny stuff, food, animals, etc. However, this is a blog like no other. You see, this blog has a unique structure. The theme of my posts will be determined by the day of the week that I decide to write/post on. So you've all heard of Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, well here are a few more to add to the list. See below for The MOD’s Blog Posting Structure:

Please like and share, tell people about The MOD’s Blog and stay tuned. I promise I will make you smile and at a push you might even have a bit of a laugh at it.

*May contain, but is not limited to