Subdued Sunday reflection

Today I’m struggling to find inspiration, but it is Subdued Sunday after all. Just chilling at home thinking about topics to cover and my mind wanders to the last night’s festivities. I just realised I was out for 12 hours, it actually feels like two nights rolled into one. How’s that even possible?  Getting out early probably helped. It was announced on Twitter yesterday that London Grammar and Kodaline would be playing in An P
úcan in Galway as part of the Guinness Amplify festival so we started there just after the All-Ireland hurling final. Serious crowd showed up so instead of queuing outside to get into the back room for the gig we decided to enjoy the Guinness in the bar and listen to the music through the walls. It sounded as though the atmosphere was epic. When the music stopped and people cleared out I spotted Mark from Kodaline at the bar. Hard to miss him as he’s 6 ft 6 in. I was perplexed he was ordering and paying for his own drink. He informed me they have a “guy” to get them drinks but he’s gone missing. Ah, Mark you are strong and independent you don’t need no man to get you a drink. 

Something that I found strange was the necessity of converting the men’s toilets into a unisex one while the gig was on. It was very odd men and women sharing the facilities. There were a lot of confused faces. It was very much get in, get out and don’t look in the mirror. The one benefit I picked up on was the men probably had the cleanest hands in all of Galway, feeling obliged to wash them while the women were present.

Time for a change of scenery we decide to rock down to Massimos, down the West side of the city, but not before stopping for “wan” in Taffess. A casual dance with the girls to some trad and a chat up by the real life Lord Farquaad from Shrek, we boot it down through Quay street. Suddenly, I felt as if I wasn't even in Galway. Massimos is a different vibe to what I’m used to which is cool. D.J was great – not one official track played, remix or mash-up only. The style is very I’m-wearing-pig-tails-and–rocking–it-cause-I-can-esque. The place was so packed and hot that I was happy to get outside. However, this meant we were ever closer to the Last Chance Saloon that is the Four Aces Casino. We are at serious risk of becoming platinum members and before I know it I’m shouting “hit me” at an eastern European black jack dealer. Sure, it’s only a bit of craic until someone owes their mortgage repayment, that’s when it’s time to go home. 

Overall tune of the weekend has to be Toto Africa, heard it a ridiculous amount of times. Although it is a classic and this suits me because I love 80’s music, I find it oddly motivational. 

Maria :) X