MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY - The things I'm missing out on

I typed one line of this post before I fell asleep. Two days on the trot and thinking your invincible can cause random narcolepsy and in severe cases 15 hour comas. However, I’m up and awake now so better get to it. 

Since staring my blog I've gotten a lot of stick from people about it. I've had an array of unintentionally disregarding statements thrown at me such as “sure isn't everyone at it” and “it can’t be that hard when you can write about anything”, to which I answer "ah, no".  I imagine the thought process of these statements probably takes under 2.3 seconds as opposed to the hours that go into a blog so I tend to smile and not take offense.  What some people don’t realise is it takes a lot of time, determination and dedication to create even one blog post. Write, edit, re-write, repeat.

Dedication never comes without sacrifice. When I realistically think about the time it takes me to generate a post it dawns on me how much I’m missing out on. All those hours I could be spending on the exhilarating pursuits listed below. 

1) Fair city – generally I work on the blog during the week. This means I can’t keep up on the dramatic occurrences of Fair City. Now I must rely on my mother to give me a quick synopsis of each episode which usually encompasses how many times Bela Doyle said “How yiz” and was in McCoys in one short episode. (He was some finer back in the day you know?!)

2) Netflix –  forking out 7.99 a month for a substandard subscription that probably won't have any of the series or movies I want as I'm on the EU version, in which case I spend hours searching in hope that just one relatively popular piece of entertainment is listed. 

3) Tinder – ah the joys of aimlessly swiping left, left, left, left...and then kicking yourself because you meant to swipe right on that last one but you got onto such a unlike roll you couldn't snap out of it even for the hotties. Not to mention the riveting conversationalists that can be found there. DISCLAIMER: Not my actual Tinder profile.

4) Facebook – I find I have a constant struggle between not wanting to re-read posts on my news feed and wanting to check if anything new has come up. I log in thinking this is it something exciting has got to be happening on facebook. I click in and boom it’s another average Monday evening full of random page likes and people’s photo’s of the weekend. In fairness there is the odd excellent blog post to be read so you do have to keep refreshing.

5) Getting any sleep – ever since I started blogging I haven’t been able to sleep.I spend hours trying to sleep but my mind wanders onto different topics I could write about. If I’m not thinking of topics I’m actually typing and uploading posts or checking the Google stats of the blog. In fairness though, it's nothing a can of Rockstar won't sort out.

What I’m trying to say here is my weekdays were not exceptionally exciting to begin with so writing a blog is, in my opinion, a great way to spend time. If anyone reading this is thinking about setting up a blog my advise is do it, your probably not at much else anyways.

Thanks for reading!
Maria :) X