Social Saturday...a few days late

So I’ve been a bit delayed on my latest post. Alas, the weekend has gotten the better of me again. The Sunday after a Saturday night full of dancing, drama and a few drinkies not a bother, but ask me my date of birth on Monday and I will surely struggle. A few people have asked me when my next blog was going to be.  I hadn't thought about it and I never considered that people might be interested to read the next post.  Being perfectly honest I was having a bit of “Blog-Block”. Very similar to writers block and most certainly not to be confused with bog block. The problem is giving yourself free reign to write about anything leaves you open to an endless list of possibilities that can never be shortlisted. Not to mention my blog book is filling up. This is my little black diary I keep in my handbag to jot down any inspirational thoughts I have throughout the day. I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that inspiration usually dawns upon me when someone is trying to explain something and I’m not listening. So regularly, I've probably got a confused/distant facial expression and all of a sudden I take out my ironically black book and begin scribbling. People have started to think I’m compiling a hit list. I assure you I am not, but I can safely say I probably wasn't listening when you were talking to me.

I had originally planned to post about this topic next Social Saturday, but as it’s fresh in my mind and in my heart, I guess it seems appropriate to write about it now.Two of my close friends Karen and Michelle Guthrie were members of the organising committee for  A Ball for Manuela presented by the Manuela Riedo Foundation in the Hotel Meyrick, Galway.The Manuela Riedo Foundation was set up in honour of a Swiss girl whose life was cut short while studying in Galway 7 years ago. I was only delighted to be able to go along with a large group of my friends. We arrived at 7.30pm to a champagne reception and settled in a grand function room. I’ve never heard a room go so silent as when Manuela’s inspirational parents arrived and spoke of nothing but thanks to everyone involved. I can’t begin to imagine the grief that Hans Pieter & Arlette Riedo feel.It’s difficult to see how something so beneficial could be created from something so tragic, but the The Manuela Riedo Foundation was born. (Click the link to learn more about what they do.)

The months of organising that I can only assume went into the night definitely paid off. The food was amazing, lots of prizes were won and the music and entertainment was top notch. All in all, a great night was had and it was nice to sip champagne in my full length gown for a change, although there were plenty of barefoot dance offs and baby Guinness. A special thanks to Christine from the Alterations Studio for altering my dress. A bargin on House of Fraser but being a shortie means always needing a few inches chopped off any dress.

I’d like to congratulate Karen and Michelle on the number of tickets they sold, which brought a huge number of people from Results Ireland gym. Also, to Shane Lennon for all of the amazing work that he has done along with all the other founders of the organisation on this event and the those in the future. It’s amazing to know that there is such a great support network in Galway for some of the most vulnerable people out there.