SUBDUED SUNDAY - My Claim to Fame

Something I’ve noted of late is due to increasing popularity of the selfie, it is now easier to show off your claim to fame to the world. Through numerous social media channels I have viewed friends of mine with some highly acclaimed celebs, such as Rory McIlroy and David Beckham. Hundreds of likes and comments from envious friends (me). It’s as if happening to meet a celeb gives an instant boost to your social status. People are guaranteed you have at least one good story anyways.It makes me sad that I don’t have any photographic evidence of my claim to fame. All I can do is relive the tale through words.

It was an average Friday morning in Galway, the summer of 2009. It was raining. I was working in a little retail store I like to describe as an “Irishy” shop. Sold everything from Aran jumpers to novelty t-shirts. I quite enjoyed my time there as I always felt it was more about selling the story than the actual item. I sold rake of Aran jumpers to an American man one day, telling him that the patterns on the jumpers were unique to each family name and that if a fisherman was washed ashore he was identified by the pattern on his jumper. He looked at me perplexed and said “what about dental records?” to which I responded, “ara sure they didn’t have any teeth!” He walked away with 8 Aran jumpers, don’t know what he planned on doing with them in Texas in the height of summer.


Anyways I’m getting off topic. Amid the re-stocking of sweaters I tended to daze out the window, only in the mornings when it was slow. Spaced and all as I was, I spotted a van pull up outside Neachtain’s pub. Some roadies hopped out and I noticed that the band was the Saw Doctor’s. I thought to myself, they must be playing there tonight and getting set up as it’s 10.30am. Would love to see them, I must investigate. 11am I rock the 10 metres to the entrance and question the tall, broody gentleman in the doorway. “Sorry, are the Saw Doctor’s playing here tonight?” he smiled and said “hold on a second there.” He reversed into the pub but still close enough for me to hear him shouting, “PADDY THIS GIRL WANTS TO BE IN THE VIDEO.” Giving me no option or even time to process, he grasped my arm and threw me into a small crowd of people like a ragdoll.

(source:  ) - I googled ragdoll and these cats appeared! He's so FLUFFY!! 

All the windows were blacked out as if to give the illusion of night time. Camera’s set up and the band hyped up like it was race week. Seeing as I was there I thought I may as well dance. I moved around slightly awkward considering the other members of the “crowd” seemed as if they were supposed to be there and not just dragged off the street in a uniform. I really worked up a sweat but 15 minutes pasted so quickly and it was time to go back to work. I grabbed my bag and just ran, there was no time for questions.
I fell in the door just in time to see my boss walking up the stairs. She looked at my physically exerted self and said “what have you been at?!” to which I responded, “oh ya know yourself, just dancing in a music video.” I know you can’t actually see me in the video but I was there, I promise. It literally was my 15 minutes of fame.

Thanks for reading! Maria :) X