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I always thought Australia was somewhere I would really love to go to. Ever since I was a child it seemed to be a place filled with amazing natural wonders; the great barrier reef, Fraser island, Hugh Jackman, The Twelve Apostles, Eric Bana ….. the list is endless. The far away land full of beautiful people, rolling beaches and that thing they call the sun. The elders say we used to have sun in Ireland, but I don’t believe them. I would love to say that my daydreams were induced by my love of encyclopedias and a creative imagination but I’m not a liar. It was from watching T.V programmes like Around the Twist and Neighbours. Sure weren't we all reared on Home and Away. “What do ya want for dinner?” 6.30pm... "A bit of Home and Away and a few spuds should do me.”

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About 3 years ago my brother moved to Australia and I’m glad he did. Not because I was sick of his loveable bullying, but because I knew he would fill me in on what it was really like in the land down under. Something Alf Stewart failed to mention in his 26 years of airtime is there are many a colourful creature in Oz. Snakes, lizards, sharks, jellyfish, crocodiles and spiders as big as birds that wouldn’t think twice about leaping onto your face and scaring the bejaysus out of you. (*Disclaimer: This link is not for everyone Bird Versus Spider) Well, thanks Gerard for filling me in now I’ll never venture to the Southern hemisphere. 

Yes, the cold, damp and dreary climate of Ireland is perfectly fine for me. The weather here is so draining that the creatures can’t even motivate themselves to be dangerous. Although generally there isn't an array of threatening animals, there are critters I like to call Heebie Jeebers, well because they don’t do much but give me the heebie-jeebies. They are the creepy crawlies of the country that are particularly present in the winter months.

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I don’t want to get to into this list ; googling the images is making me 
feel a bit ill.
1)      Millapedes – will make you feel nauseous simply by the 
way they move like an aul fella a wedding who doesn't get out much.
2)      Slugs – slithering around the back door of your house like a 
creepy ex.
3)      Earwigs – these are my personal favorite, as in favorite to hate.
These guys wig around making you look accusingly at your Beats for fear 
one of them is lurking in the spongey bit of the headphone.
4)      Spiders – personally I don’t mind these all that much, but seeing 
grown men scream over an eight legged bug just annoys me.

The list has to end here. The point of this post was I felt like a whinge as I just killed an earwig. It really annoyed me that he felt it acceptable to trespass in my home so squished him. But it did make me thankful that he couldn't hospitalize me, just made me dry heave.