Miscellaneous Monday : An affliction of the fun times

Fatigue, thirst, headaches and muscle aches, nausea, vomiting or stomach pain, poor or decreased sleep, increased sensitivity to light and sound, dizziness or a sense of the room spinning, rapid heartbeat, red, bloodshot eyes, shakiness, decreased ability to concentrate, mood disturbances, such as depression, anxiety and irritability. I know this may seem like a press release from the HSE for the winter vomiting bug asking you to pay particular attention to the young and elderly, but it’s not. The symptoms listed above relate to an affliction of the youthful socialite, an ailment if the middle-aged reveller, a complaint of the mature merrymaker.  There have been movies about it, most people will have suffered through it at some time in their lives and some of us often forget how truly horrendous it really can be. It is of course the hangover. 

Seeing as it’s Monday and the final flicker of fear has drained from my body, I began my après-weekend analysis. Saturday night was quite a night, out with the crew from the gym. These guys and gals are getting far too used to throwing up weights and pushing prowlers they don’t know their own strength. A boisterous crowd; some burly, some pocket sized but all more than capable of downing a number of consecutive tequilas because “the que at the bar was mental, sure ya couldn't be coming back to that!!”. And with that Sunday’s activities were already determined before we’d event left the pub. We were all going to be hungover. The funny thing about it is, it’s a bit like the common cold, you’ll never have the same hangover twice. That surprise factor that you experience in the first five minutes of being awake, trying to gauge which way this is going to go. It can go one of many ways, in severe cases individuals can even suffer multiple variants of hangover one day or even at the same time!

(Image source : http://www.johnsimonsfunfairs.om)/images/Large/waltzer.jpg)

This list may help you get through this time of Christmas cheer by knowing the symptoms and how to handle it.

     1)    Fetal position – When the only way you feel relief is by rolling into the fetal position. I guess it’s an attempt to feel the security you felt as a baby in your mother’s womb. 
     What to do :  stay here, until you get hungry or find someone to feed you.

     2)    The wall – A false sense of security when you wake up. You think I feel grand, until you get out of your bed. 
     What to do : use the wall as support. Provided there are no hanging photos or paintings, use the wall to slide throughout your house and manoeuvre from couch to kitchen.

     3)    Exuberance – a strange energy the source of which is unknown, considering you’ve probably had about 3 hours sleep. 
     What to do : you should probably clean the kitchen and the bathroom, you know you should bleach those mugs and while you’re at it you’ve been avoiding clearing out your wardrobe for some time.

     4)    To toss one’s cookies – this is pretty self-explanatory. On reflection, that kebab wasn't such a great idea after all. 
     What to do  :  best not to leave your home or open the door to visitors.

     5)    The Waltzer –  A waltzer is a fairground ride that consists of a number of cars which are free to spin individually while rotating around a central point like a carousel. So this form of hangover feels something similar to how you feel after being on the Waltzers. 
     What to do : it would be advisable not to drive or operate heavy machinery.

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The MOD :) X