WHINGE WEDNESDAY : The might of the Irish coast

December 17th, Christmas is nearly upon us, but with the festive merriment of Christmas comes the mighty wrath of the wild Atlantic coast. Don’t get me wrong, I love Galway and when the sun is shining there is nowhere in the world I’d rather be, but there is no escaping this winter weather. It’s damp and dreary and despite having lived here all my life I’m still not used to it nor to I ever dress appropriately. Pumps are really something for the abroad on the continent, learnt that the hard way. Not only do I not dress appropriately but there are a number of things I should have to my name considering where I reside, but I don’t.

(Image source: thedailyedge.ie)

     1)   A raincoat – no I don’t own one. I climbed the reek in a hoody and nearly lost my life. The wind would cut through your soul and there's infinite humidity, it’s just ridiculous.
     2)    A good, solid umbrella – if not for sheltering the rain, because let’s face it, the rain comes at 90 degree angles, but for bating the flying debris away from me.
     3)     A boat – probably wouldn’t take it across the Corrib to work, but I live on an island it does make sense to have a boat.

Being a whinge Wednesday post, some mild complaining is to be expected. This blustery weather wreaks havoc with commonplace activities such as keeping your hair from creating a knotted twister effect. Aside from the matted gruaig, those abundant droplets of drizzle that make your false tan look like zebrafied are also to be detested.

Though annoying, the poor weather had some pros.

(Image source: breakingnews.ie, independant.ie, thejournal.ie, tanningoasisdowntown,com)

Drawing to the end of this post I noted it will be more Irish females that will relate. This noted by reflecting on my siblings contrasting behavior towards the weather. My sister and I always stuck in the stove with multiple layers of clothing enduring chilblain inducing heat while stating “it’s FREEEEZZZZIN” like a broken record. My brothers on the other hand head out for a night out with nothing but a mere cotton t-shirt, jeans and their wallets announcing to my mother who expressed her concern numerous times over the lack of jackets, “Sure I’ll only lose it!”. I always knew the sexes differed dramatically but I never thought it was by their ability to feel Baltic sub-zero temperatures.

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