Miscellaneous Monday : The woes and worth of “Dry January”

Dry January, known locally as abstaining from going outsies due to the high level of revelry, general merriment and tipples that have been consumed over the Christmas period the previous month. Everyone knows it’s a challenge and a task in itself purely by way of habit. The reason for this is not a dependency on alcohol but merely due to pushing us outside of our comfort zones and forcing us to do things considered “anti-social” or “boring” and causing us to say things like “Go for a walk on the beach?! Sure that’s for hippies!” .

Like anything it has its advantages and disadvantages, as always, outlined below. These are my personal points, but maybe some of you can relate.

     1)      It forces me to address the volume of dosh that is spent on general socailising. I’m not talking about the few bob spent on green diesels. It’s the taxi’s, the pre-drink, the replacing your phone if it gets robbed from your handbag in the nightclub (yes, it’s happened me twice – insert sad face here.)
      2)      It also brings to light my overwhelming need to have a new outfit for every night out. A friend of mine has a beautiful poster in her room which says “MAKE DO AND MEND”. How old school, why would I do that when New Look and Pennys are just around the corner. I really think that there must be some sort of subliminal messaging marketing campaign going on with those stores and I intend to get to the bottom of it… of course I’ll have to pop in.
     3)      My sleeping pattern is just all over the place, I mean I’m falling asleep before 12 on a Friday night and waking up at crazy o’clock, like 9.30am on a Saturday morning. What sort of a weekend is that? It almost drags with all that day going on. Who knew there were so many hours of light on Saturday and Sunday?
     4)      I’ve gotten lazy. I had a 14 hour sleep Saturday which was concerning because I think anything over 10 might be considered by those in the medical field as a short term coma. 

     But is does have it’s advantages, such as….

     1)      The obvious – saving money, or in my case not spending what I don’t have and getting into debt which I would have to try and scramble through February to try and alleviate. So thanks to Dry January I can buy myself all the roses a girl could dream of this Valentines.
     2)      It thought me a lot about myself. I played trivia recently, for the first time in my life. I learnt that my thought processes are very slow and that I don’t really know much about movies, geography, history, politics or general knowledge.

(Image source : www.babymed.com)

     3)      It pushed me to do things I would never have considered doing before, like going for Sushi. “Oh this one is lovely, it’s Tuna.” I’m thinking, it doesn't look like Tuna but maybe it’s imported from Japan and that’s why it’s that colour. But no, it’s that colour because it’s raw Maria. As noted in point 2 of advantages, I’m not great with general knowledge and as my thought processes are very slow the sushi was in my mouth and making me nauseous before I even knew what was going on.

I've enjoyed my January journey, however as payday is drawing near I am glad to say it’s back to normality for me. Pint anyone?

Thanks for reading! MOD :)  X