Social Saturday; social in the sense of anti-social, that’s what I’m being right now. It’s been a taxing few weeks physically, emotionally and financially with Christmas and New Year’s revelry. Considering this, I decided to stay in tonight. Contrary to popular belief I am actually capable of this action and it seems a good a time as any to get back into the posting.

Anyone who knows me knows my hair is my thing. For me it’s one of my most important features. In a sense it’s a security blanket I use to distract people from the rest of me. I think it says a lot about an individual, their style and what’s on trend. However, at the end of the day it is simply an unnecessary physical attribute that not everyone has for numerous reasons, whether by choice or not. Essentially, this post is intended to be light hearted as I realise that although my hair is important to me it’s not the be-all and end-all.

I get complimented on my hair, accused of lying about having hair extensions and even had my hair pulled a few times. Whatever that’s about, it wasn't always that way. In fact it’s been quite a journey. The chart below represents my numerous styles and how I rank them each now out of ten. 

Bleach – Aged 14, yes bleached. Little did I know that smiling platinum on the box of glorified lemon juice I just bought was probably a natural blonde and my hair would turn out a patchy rust colour.

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Scarlet – Aged 15, scarlet is how I should have felt with this hair colour but I actually liked it at the time. I had Rhianna red before it was cool, except she made it cool i.e not cool when I had it.

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Rapunzel – Aged 16, long brown thick hair. It was in perfect condition for the torture I was about to have unleashed on it.

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Mullet – Aged 17, the “Mullet” probably isn't a good name for this particular hairstyle because even the mullet was cool in the 80’s, what I had was not. This was the only time I cried after the hairdressers, I cried genuine tears of sadness. I couldn't even complain because I volunteered my Rapunzel hair for a hair dressing competition, I was like a lamb to the slaughter.

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Bob – Aged 18, the bob. Unfortunately for me this was the year I would have my college id, age card and passport photos taken. This painfully unstylish haircut would be forever reside there in my wallet.

Shetland – Aged 20, the full fringe. My father named this one, saying “remember when you had hair like a Shetland pony?”. It was high maintenance without and aesthetic benefits. Although if I was as cool as this guy I wouldn't mind so much.


Leave it alone – Aged 21-25, just left it alone. Aside from the odd brunette semi-permanent colour I let the hair grow and go back to its natural colour.

Ombre – Aged 26 to now, bit of this bit of that. Ombre has been cool for a while now and still is thankfully. I like this style because for once I’m actually on trend. I owe it all to the wonderful Lisa Walsh of Lisa’s Hair Emporium (sure give her page a like too!) Not only is she great with hair, she’s great craic and will talk the ear off ya!

So for those of you struggling to find your own look, know that it takes time and not every cut and colour will suit you. Please remember that at the end of the day, it’s just hair so keep styling! 

Thanks for reading!

MOD X :)