Not sure if I'm genuinely thankful to my trainer or am I simply keeping in with the blog theme. Monday mornings class after 6 laps of the torturous sled I flopped to the ground. As I gazed up at the galvanized roof and flickering florescent lights it felt like a scene from SAW except the bad guy isn't a puppet he's name is Dave.

Every now and again when I'm not close to vomiting after a training session, I get a chance to chat to him. I took this as an opportunity to ask a few questions about his gym, his goals and some stupid questions too. It took all my strength not to do some editing for comedic affect, however I resisted. These are his genuine answers. 

How long have you been slumming it as a trainer?

8 or 9 years I suppose. Once I stepped outside of school I got qualified as soon as possible and went from there! I hated sitting down in school so I needed something where I could move.

Tell me about how you decided to set up the original gym and the move to the new location.

Around 6 years ago I set up the first 'Results'. A small little spot purely dedicated to personal training. No classes, no groups. Just 1-on-1. It's my strong point and my comfort zone. Then I just got this crazy itch to set up something bigger - something completely outside my comfort zone. 
I hate commercial gyms. The majority are horrendously run and their business plan for success is for members not to show up. F**k that.
So I decided to set up a monster size gym, completely different to anything else and make sure everyone that paid showed up (MOD you should know this but you never pay me).

What encouraged you to set up the gym? What made you so sure it would be a success?

I knew it would be a success because I made a decision that it would be. People really have to believe in themselves more. I'm good at my job, I'm very confident in saying that and I'm willing to work harder and smarter than anyone else to get where I want to be.

Too many gyms are way too professional - it's all 'Good morning sir, evening Madame' crap. Completely fake. People don't want that.
I'm a real Galway lad of 'Well what's the craic' greetings. That could be to a owner of a multi million euro company or a 1st year student in college. They appreciate that. Gyms are a place to de-stress, despite the torturing pains that people associate them with.

Who was your inspiration? I know it’s cheesy but someone surely encouraged you to become a trainer.

Inspirations came in many different formats. My mum is a top class Irish dancing coach who's trained multiple world champions. Dads a super successful businessman without any fancy degrees - he's a ridiculous hard worker and really showed me great basics to being a success.
Gym inspiration wise would come down to my own training. I was severely depressed in leaving cert. The only thing that kept me sane was training and it helped me deal with a lot of stuff. I see that big time with other clients and it's really satisfying to help people out that way.

On average how many hours a week do you dedicate to training classes and PTs, your own training and marketing your business?

Being honest it's anything from 60 hours a week to 24/7. I never switch off! I'm always hustling for new business and learning new things. I think majority of successful people are like that!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

10 years time I see myself with a couple of gyms and dabbling in a few other related business ventures. I've a lovely thought of only doing 20 hours of classes per week but I can't see that happening - I enjoy it way too much at the moment 

 I know you get a lot of queries by email and on Facebook. What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked from a female and male enquirer?

Female enquirer - can we go on a date
Male enquirer - same as above!

 I’ve seen some very random photos on the client Facebook page. What is the strangest thing you have found in the gym that clients have left behind?

A lovely leopard print thong in the ladies dressing room. No one claimed it

Do you ever just not want to get up at 5.30am?

Sometimes at 5.28am I might be questioning getting up but if I sleep in til 9am I feel like the day is wasted! Crazy to some people but I just like getting stuff done!

How do you motivate your clients?

Motivating people is more complicated than people realise. A really good trainer nearly has to be a psychologist as well. You have to get the absolute best out of people. Some people have to be helped gently along, some need to be roared at (cough, MOD, cough). The main thing to motivate people is to actually care about them. Take an interest in them, find out what's holding them back and help them solve it. I could write a book on the deepest darkest secrets of the Galway people - it shows people hold a big trust in me and that proves to me I'm motivating people.

What would you do If you won the lotto? 

Honestly I'd do very little differently. I'd continue to work because it is one thing I genuinely love. I travel regularly (This year I'm traveling to somewhere different every month) and I live in a nice place with my even nicer wife to be. 
I'd probably give a heap to charity...and not in a 'look at me I donated' kinda way. I've already given 2 biggish donations to 2 charities this year with no one knowing. You shouldn't donate to charities just to get a few facebook likes. 

So there you have it, an interview with a businessman, a fitness trainer, a friend and above all a bit of a muppet! :P 

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Thanks for reading, more posts coming very soon! 
MOD X :)