Whinge Wednesday : Making a right spectacle of myself

Last month I noticed something a bit strange going on with my vision. I put it down to being tired but I knew it had to be more than that. I had a nightmare about how the ad mockingly suggests "should have gone to Specsavers" in a smug tone while I sported a new eye-patch. Ah lads, I knew I had to get them looked at. I soon realised it's not cool to make a reference to Padre Pio when the optician tells you you have astigmatism. Anyways, I had to get specs. I figured if these are going to take up a lot of my face I might as well like them. So I proceeded to try on every pair, twice. 

Image source: http://arts.umich.edu/ink/2014/12/

A week later I got my glasses. Aside from feeling a bit nauseous I got used to them quickly. I felt like they gave me a new blast of confidence and people were really listening to me, taking notice. Alas, they were only looking at me thinking, "that wan didn't always have glasses?".... so that didn't last long.

Image source: www.pinterest.com

I did feel I had become a part of something. Not quite a gang, not that cool. More like a society or club maybe. Other glasses wearing folk flocked to me and bombarded me with questions on price, retailer in which I purchased, type of lens. It was a little bit overwhelming, but I was almost instantly distracted by the slagging and mild bullying that ensued. Speccy, four eyes, nerd these are all ones I anticipated but hipster that I didn't expect. I was asked when I was going to replace my laptop for a typewriter, when I was trading in the iPhone for Nokia 3210. 

Image source: www.thegearpage.net

Ok so a bit of advice, look after your eyeballs, they are special. Stop wasting time squinting at a bright screen all evening, except if it's my blog your reading in which case squint away!

Thanks for reading, MOD x :)