MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY – Honesty is the best policy

They say honesty is the best policy. Who are “They” and why would they say that? Let’s be fair, for one reason or another we aren’t always as honest as we could be. Not out of malice, usually it's to spare someone embarrassment or hurt, but we weren’t always that way. I wonder at what point of our growth do we lose that pure honesty we had as children. That say-exactly-what-is-on-your-mind-at-that-exact-moment type of honesty. The type of honesty that is in no way malicious or used to intentionally hurt someone.

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I am an auntie 6 times over. More commonly known to the miniature people of my family as Auntie Maria, Auntie Ria, Auntie Daria (yes, this could have been a lot worse) or in a moment of excited confusion Auntie Olivia. Everyday these little gnomes make me laugh. Sometimes I feel bad laughing because I remember what it was like to say something, have everyone laugh and not really know why... it’s worse as an adult though.
More often than not these little creatures are making me laugh out loud with their comments. Maybe it’s their cute expressions that accompany but whatever it is I love it. Ranging between the ages of 10 months to 7, below is a list of some of the funniest things they have said to me.

The 7 year old – Most recently he looked at my new glasses, squinted and said “Why are you wearing glasses?” I responded with “because I need them.” He looked again and said “Why are they so big? You should have gotten ones like grandads." Wow never thought I’d see the day my father was cooler than me.

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The 7 year old again (but when he was 6) - I was reading a book to him about dinosaurs I came across a word I struggled to pronounce ... "its amphibian Auntie Maria. Can you hurry up please im getting tired."

The 5 year old – at mass she asked "what does communion taste like?" I held back a bit, I was going to say like Jesus but in an effort not to scare the child I said it tastes like paper. She said "is that because in the olden days they didn't have much food so they ate paper?!"

The 4 year old – When I asked her about the different countries she’s been to. “You’ve been to New York, what’s it like?”. “I’ve never been to New York” she said. “Yes you have!”. Throws her eyes up to heaven and says “Oh ya, but I was a baby, it was boring.”

The 3 year old - "you smell auntie maria".... I assume of roses but this wasnt wasn't clarified.

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The 1 year old - well he doesnt say anything but his serious facial expression signifies his message ; perplexed at his aunts voice going up an octave and her constant use of the phrase "you're the best little boy!"

The 10 month old - again nothing is said but she has no problem pooping while in my arms; a real demonstration of the term - when ya gotta go ya gotta go!

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I hope you enjoyed reading and as always im very thankful for the support ☺ X MOD