THROWBACK THURSDAY : Nostalgia -The Tunes and The Trainers

15 years ago yesterday the PLAYSTATION 2 was released. Manic 2000 was the tune of the year. My usual response when attention is brought to my age is despair, however I simply felt nostalgic. 2000 was a great year. I started secondary school and met some of my best friends. We shared lots of fantastic memories and we grew up together. On reflection I can only remember the good times and maybe some of the cringe times.

Something that stands out for me from this year would have to be my first real youth disco. I probably shouldn't have been aloud go really but I had to. My brother was going and with him just a year older than me; anything he was allowed to do I had to be allowed to do too. Going to the CIDONA Roadshow AKA Millennium Madness was one of these.


Absolutely hopping there, lasers and everything. Image source of course! 

I’m not quite sure if it’s just an Irish thing or even just a Galway thing but for those few years of youth disco attendance, it was the highlight of the social calendar. Having attended an all girls convent school with big iron gates and a 15 minute window before and after school to get to and from the bus, there was a real lack of interaction with the pupils of the boys schools of the city. In a way it was a great opportunity to develop the  social norms experienced between male and female. Sadly not much has changed in these past 15 years.

Between the ages of 13-15 not many were into expressing our own personal style, so I’m sure there was a lot of conforming. In that way I think you can probably relate to some of the common traits of the teeny-bopper jumping around to the retro beats of Gigi Diagastino Blah Blah Blah (still an absolute tune by the way.)

       1.       The Preparations – the prep work began weeks in advance. One does not simply decide what they are going to wear. Hundreds of tiny pieces of paper passed through hands with the same words printed … “What are ya wearing to Millenium Maddness?”. Silly really when it was highly likely you were going to be wearing the exact same things as everyone else.

       2.       The Style - I know they say fashion repeats itself. So if the 80’s are in now then the 70’s were cool back then. Flares, I mean come on. Not very practical when you’re sporting Disco Stu shoes and it’s raining heavily. Street sweepers might have been a better title. In addition - every girl, every boy, every variation of Reebok classic.

       3.       The Perks – typically a rave thing, the D.Js would always throw out a few glowsticks and if you were lucky enough to get one you enjoyed the temporary popularity that ensued. The older people ( you know the ones that were claiming to be 15 but were definitely 16) would flock over and in unison would shout “giv us a go of your glowstick”. Bye Bye glowstick. On the plus side at least it meant you must have been close enough to the stage to still be in with the chance of getting a free t-shirt. 

Image source :

       4.       The Treats – not only the classic HB Golly bar ice cream but also the humble red bull was consumed at unhealthy rates.

       5.       The Tunes  - any artist who’s title began with “D.J” was considered one, it really didn’t guarantee any sort of disc jockey capabilities. However, there are quite a number that no matter how ridiculously cheesy there were I still LOVE. Such as below…

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it may have evoked some emotions in you such as embarrassment and maybe even a little smile. Thanks, MOD :) X