MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY : Roses are red and blue and pink and all sorts of colours

This will be undoubtedly the easiest blog post I’ve ever written. It’s on a topic so vast I could go on all day. I won’t, but I will give you a brief insight into my Galway Rose 2015 experience.

The Process

There is a lot more to it than just that one night on the stage. Galway Rose is a regional final for a large festival held annually in Co.Kerry called the Rose of Tralee International Festival. People come from all over the world to take part in this televised event that is in it's 56th year. The process goes a little something like this.

My thoughts

I decided to take part on the recommendation of 2 friends of mine who were involved in 2014. I attended last year and at the interval I ran up to Maria and told her how fantastic she was and how I believed she should win. She said “No, Nicola is going to win. She is so lovely and would make a perfect rose.” I was a bit surprised, I mean this is a competition, why didn’t she want to win? I guessed she must have been lying as I didn’t understand her perspective. Nicola did go on to win Galway Rose 2014 and made it to Tralee. Maria was right, she was a fantastic rose and an amazing person. It wasn’t until I took part that I understood. It isn’t like a competition in the traditional sense. As we lined up alongside our escorts at 7.30pm and the excitement was at its peak there was a real team feeling. Everyone wanted to do well but wanted all the other roses to do well too. We supported each other like no one else could.

My learnings

            1.       The highlight of the Galway Rose tour had to have been our visit to Pieta house in Tuam. Pieta House provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm. You can visit their website by clicking here.  The building itself feels like a home and that’s mainly down to the staff who make you feel like family. The reason I decided to do get involved in the Galway Rose is because I wanted to do something that challenged me. Going to Pieta house I realised that everyday just getting up out of bed can be a challenge for some people. I can’t speak highly enough of the work they do and of all those individuals who work so hard at fundraising. If you want to get involved visit Darkness into Light

            2.       Chivalry isn’t dead. The escorts are all absolute gents. Special thanks to my escort Peter “2Litre” Killalea. His comments of the night included:

Another special mention to Seamie. Although he is a committee member he was like an escort for all the girls.

           3.       It’s not about the winning it’s the taking part. Cheesy I know but it’s true. There can only be one and Olga Lee is the perfect rose to represent us all. She has characteristics of all of us and is such a lady, I know she will do everyone proud in Portlaoise and surely Tralee.

           4.       Galway is full if talented, beautiful, caring, funny, entertaining, thoughtful and inspirational people.

        5.       These roses and myself are included in the above bracket and that's only a fraction, we are proud to be Galwegians!

For anyone who’s ever thought about entering I urge you to do it. In years to come you won’t be uttering the words “I wish I never did that”, you’ll be saying “I’m so glad I took part.”

I’d like to thank everyone who was involved and who helped me and the other roses along the way.

-          Denis, Ann-marie and Seamie from the Galway Rose Committee, ye are such troopers and do amazing work. Also, the 3 judges for the tough task of selecting the 2015 Rose.
-          To my employers Lifes2good for sponsoring me and, well ya know, giving me a job.
-          To all my international “Selfie” supporters, ye were just epic.

-          To Lisa’s Hair Emporium, Michelle Guthrie and Lisa Fahy for my hair and make-up on Saturday (I think there should have been an additional award “And the nominees for “Most Work Needed On One Person’s Face and Hair” goes to…..!)
-          To my poor boyfriend who listened to me talk about this non-sop for the past 3 weeks! He also supported me every step of the way and made me feel like I’d won before I even started. (Que vomit)
-          To my family and friends who beamed with pride when I was on stage, I really felt like a local celebrity for a night, I felt so loved!
-          To the 23 other amazing Roses, ye are legends. You should be so proud of yourselves you’ve achieved something great and I hope that you know that.

Thanks for reading. The MOD, XX 

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