THROWBACK THURSDAY : Prehistoric Pastimes

In this age of social media we are constantly bombarded with messages. To buy this, to eat that, to work out, to vote yes to vote no and so on. I find my evenings are taken up with every form of social media ; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram the list is endless, well not endless but pretty long. Aside from social media there are endless amounts of technology that essentially distracts us from reality. On this Throwback Thursday I reflected on all the things I did with my time before this technological revolution took over my life. 

1) Watched TV - probably not the best one to start with. I know it should be included in the technology category but it's been around for as long as I can remember and therefore it doesn't count. Watching TV in the evening brought people together to enjoy a unified interest. Well most of the time. Gone be with the days when I hoped my father wouldn't be home from work as it meant we all had to endure the boredom of the 6 o'clock RTE news on our one TV instead of the amazing, far way mystery land that was Australia with Home and Away. "Your father's home"...."Just take the remote, I'm going to my room to look out the window."

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2) Hear news and actually be surprised - "Did ya hear yer wan got engaged?"..." ya saw it on Facebook". "Oh well did ya here those two..." "Ya saw it yesterday." ..." Ah well..."..." Ya, saw it an hour ago." ..... "What? I didn't say anything."...."Ya Facebook".

So basically nothing surprises me anymore. I already know it before I even know I knew it. 

3) Read physical books - I used to be a right little book worm, with my nose stuck in a book getting enthralled with wonders from around the globe. Now I just read reviews of books, or blogs (amazing blogs might I add!) of books. There isn't enough time to read a full book, just tell me what happens in the end.

4) Write notes - This one makes me a little sad to be honest as I really miss the creativity you could have with it. My friends and I used to write fully fledged thesis each evening to each other and hand them over in school the next day. Jam packed with gossip we had already discussed but were just reiterating with imagery. "Ya know how you said you think Mr. Ryan and Ms. O'Malley are hooking up. Well here's a pic I drew of them on a date. They so are."

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  Nowadays you couldn't send someone a letter or a nice note without being looked at the way Whitney Houston looked at that guy in The Bodyguard.   

"I was just sayin' how ya"
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5) Prank phone calls - Again, not considered modern technology, so I'm including it in the list. Admit it, we've all done it numerous times. Sure sometimes it was for fun, just to annoy someone and trying not to laugh. Other times it was calling someone on private number to see if they'd answer. If they did you knew they didn't read your message because if they are close enough to answer they are close enough to read the message. There was no "Seen @" back then. I realise now I've made myself out to be like the guy from The Bodyguard. 

"I was just checking to see if you'd answer your phone because you didn't respond to that message I sent a minute and a half ago." 

I'm sure you can think of all the things you are not doing now because of social media and technology. Please share these with me, I'd love a good lol. 

I hope your enjoyed reading! Thanks, MOD X