Flashback Friday - MOD on tour

I'm not sure if Flashback Friday is the best day to publish this post, but I'm just back from the Spanish leg of this years tour and it's been a while since I posted. A few weeks ago I booked a holiday with a few friends to the beautiful Canary Islands, Tenerife to be specific. For anyone who is thinking about visiting these islands or just considering a sun holiday read on for my island observations and group analysis.

The restaurants - I don't know if I've ever been anywhere where the food was great everywhere I ate. There is always the niggling fear in the back of your mind that you may not be eating exactly what has been indicated on the menu (assuming you don't know what donkey, rat, cat meat tastes like). The only thing that was a slight discouragement was probably the gentle harassment you get on the street to try and get you to come in and eat with men randomly shouting “Come on ladies, amazing food and free parking” as we cycle past on our rented bikes.

The nightlife – the trend of gentle harassment spills out the pubs and clubs. A swarm of young promoters are rushing towards your taxi door before you’ve even paid your fair. “Alright dahlin, you know where yo goin tonight?”. If you make eye contact you’re swooped into a tiny bar which could only ever have been originally intended as a retail unit. As much as you stress you only want one Captain Morgan and coke you are handed 2 Captain Morgans, 3 tequilas and a tall glass of Sex on The Beach (hold the Peach Schnapps and Vodka) for the meager price of €5. Despite what can only be described as a mild form of bullying you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed as the drinks are so watered down and realising you had the best night ever with random dance offs and watching the occasional person who thinks they can break dance.

The waterparks – Yes, it’s inevitable you will go to a water park, and the park of our choice was Siam Park. It is massive and one of the biggest attractions of the resort, so much so that when we arrived we were told “We are full come back another day”. Sorry love, we are here for a limited time only. So we are told we can enter but to be aware of the long ques. We didn’t care about waiting we would work on our tans in the meantime. Well, we hadn’t anticipated the slight delirium that would ensue as a result of extended sun exposure and lack of fluids. I’d never been surrounded by so much water and yet be so dehydrated at the same time. By the time I reached the top of the que I had spent an hour building the anticipation of the massive water slide and therefore was screaming like a baby before I’d even gotten into the dingy. But yes, it was worth the wait.

The accommodation – we were very lucky that our apartments were relatively modern as some places looked like they could have been dated when my parents went on honeymoon*; cycling along the promenade feels slightly time warpy. Once they are clean and out of cockroaches reach you are doing pretty well. However, be prepared to feel detached from the outside world. We paid €20 for the use of wifi for a week. It didn’t work in our room and when I asked the lady who had sold us to it she asked “What room you in?” I told her 228 and she said it worked everywhere but that room and continued to work with a very computer-says-no attitude. I didn’t argue, it was actually nice to detach for a few days.

Image source : https://gina4star.wordpress.com/tag/computer-says-no/

Overall group morale – small group of friends with similar attitude and interests, that’s the key. No arguing or drama just a week of eating, drinking and relaxing with a fantastic group of girls.

I could write lots more, but if you are heading to Tenerife and would like some recommendations or travel advice just drop me a line.
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.
MOD X :)

*Note: My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary last year.