WHINGE WEDNESDAY : Every Irish Girl's Beauty Basics

I know the title does say whinge, but I'm too positive to whinge today. I got a fantastic email last night to say The MOD's Blog had be long-listed (not the opposite of short-list, just the stage before it) for The Irish Blog Awards. I am so honored to even be considered and it meant the poor judges had to trowel through the miles of drivel that I subject my followers to. LOL. I was long-listed in the categories Best Entertainment Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog. I must admit I'm so happy to be in these categories, it's exactly where I see the blog, but it made me think, MAYBE there are other categories I could explore, like beauty....

I guess since a young age I've worn make-up. Sure it was robbed from my sister and ya I looked like a clown but it was my own look.

Image source: www.buzzfeed.com

 When it comes to cosmetics a bit of the the auld Oil of Olay robbed (ok I was not a kleptomaniac, I need to just get that out there) from mom, that was the height of it. So I'm by no means an expert but I think I could definitely do with a list of what I think are the essential beauty basics of every Irish girl.

Image source : animetric.blogspot.com

Image source : commons.wikimedia.org
Image source : lasthairmodels.com

Thanks for reading, 
MOD :) X