MISCELLANEOUS MONDAY : You know your old when...

Almost a year since my birthday post (hint hint). This time of year it's inevitable that I start to think about my age. It's not that I feel old because I think the term "old" is really subjective based on the fact I feel only old depending on who I'm around. For example, around my parents I don't feel old because they say things like "What's a blogger?", they have no idea what my job is and Fair City is considered high quality entertainment. However, I feel old around my nieces and nephews when they say things like "Am it's an iPad auntie Maria, not a tablet." 

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In general I feel I'm definitely getting older, yes very obvious I know. I have noticed myself saying and doing things I've never said or done before. In case you are wondering if you too are getting older here are some tell tale signs that might give you an indication. 

1) "Jeez, I haven't been out in ages!" - when you catch up with friends this is generally the first and foremost statement. It's true, I hadn't be "out-out" in ages which is different, of course, to just out.(* see below for explanation.) 

2) You stop recognizing everyone - Remember that club you used to go to and you'd recognize everyone every Saturday night and then you stopped going there because it started attracting a really young crowd which was so weird so you and your crew moved to that old people club but you knew it was time and you were over 23 so it was cool. Now you know no one and this club has started attracting a really young crowd too... weird.

3) "Isn't it great to see young people having fun." - I genuinely mean it, it's great to see see young wans and young fellas having the lols out with their college friends on a Sunday night not a care in the world interrupting my monthly meet up with the girls with outlandish dance moves and thunderous renditions of "That's what makes you Beautiful." I'm not actually bitter I love being a Sober Sally and slinking off home before it gets too mad.

4) The Look - And speaking of One Direction , young lads, they all look like band members. Is this normal? I don't know but there is only one direction you should be going with that deep V tee and that's out the gap and off home to get yourself a geansaĆ­.(You can google translate that one.)

Image source : www.quickmeme.com

5) Mighty - Everything is mighty. The weather is mighty, The craic is mighty. The price of pints here is mighty. 

If you feel you draw any comparisons or that you have some extra points to add to the list please let me know. 

*Out Vs Out-Out - Going out does not require you to dress up, much. I mean more like dressy casual not like a tracksuit and trainers but not like fake tan or anything. In contrast, out-out requires you to get the legs out. Fake tan and the use of a GHD essential. 

Thanks for reading. 

MOD X :)