One thing that has always puzzled me was running dogs. Not dogs running with their owners, no, I get that. Only last week I was driving out of a supermarket car park and I slowed right down to let this dog run past. He was on his own just running. I thought to myself, " Where you gotta be? You rushing home because you know your dinner is usually around sundown?", (yes, that's me talking to myself in my car but directing it towards the dog in question even though he can't hear or comprehend.) More chillingly, I wonder does he know something I don't know? Is he running from some sort of supernatural force that I don't know about yet or can't see? 

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I guess what I'm trying to say is dogs always fill me with a sense of wonder and bemuse. I am an animal person and yes I love the zoo. However, there is something special about dogs. Maybe, it all stems back to my childhood when we had family dogs. There was Trixie the Boarder Collie, who was a legend in my eyes. He was old and wise and looked left and right when crossing the road. I never actually saw him do that so chances are my older siblings lied to me about it just like they did when they said actor Chris O'Donnell was our cousin, and Daniel O'Donnell and Rosie O'Donnell, I fell for it every time.

*NOT ACTUALLY TRIXIE - Just a stock dog. 
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 Then there was Sooner the Springer Spaniel. He was a stray dog who Dad said would need to be gone "sooner rather than later". So when he didn't go we called him Sooner, seemed logical. He was young and sprightly and if I'm totally honest I felt as though Trixie passed away from a broken heart with all the love we showed for Sooner #SoSad , I know. 

*NOT ACTUALLY SOONER - Just a seriously cute puppy stock spaniel. 
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And not to forget my live dog Holly the Cocker Spaniel.


I think I'm being pretty clear here, I think dogs are class. If you don't agree then here's a few reasons why.

      1) They are always happy to see you - I've never seen a person shake uncontrollably and shout just at the sight of me. Although, I would probably be slightly weirded out by the intensity of emotion, but I don't know for sure because I've never seen it. 

       2) They are easy going - When you want to run around and throw stuff in the garden so do they, when you want to chill in front of the fire so do they. So easy going.

       3) They get over things quickly - On the rare occasion that I'm angry and my dog whines or something and in my frustration I insult her verbally with something like "Stop being annoying". In about 3.5 seconds when I start to feel terribly guilty I look at her and it's great because she doesn't even understand so we both get over it pretty quickly, we can move on from it. 
       4) They are resourceful - anything can be considered a meal like leftover turkey, raw turkey, a boot and anywhere can become a bed like the floor, the couch or just you in general. 
       5) They know you - They can sense your mood and know exactly when to walk over to you and rest their nose on your hand. 

If you, for whatever reason, are doubtful on the above please message me, I guarantee you that I can convince you otherwise!

Thanks for reading. 

MOD :) X