Throwback Thursday : The year in review

I don’t think I every really spoke about how or why I started blogging, I guess because I didn’t think people would care to know. Of course, I never thought people would care to read my blog in the first place and I was wrong about that (thankfully). I had thought about it vaguely in the past but I’ve always been a daydreamer so a lot of my ideas never come to fruition, mainly because they are unrealistic. However, the more I thought about it the more I realised I was the only person standing in the way. In addition to being a daydreamer I’ve always wanted to be an entertainer.

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Not in the stand-up comedy/exotic dancing/performing arts at the local sports hall kind of way. I wanted to entertain in a creative way and I always tried by attempting to be witty and making people laugh usually at my own expense. While on holidays last year with a group of friends one of them told me I should do 30 second YouTube videos with my daily musings. I couldn’t possibly because I have a weird face for video but it made me think, I could put my whimsical words down on paper and share them.

I will never forget my first post. I was sick at the time and off work for a few days. I wrecked my head and my friends for 2 days solid trying to think of a name, a theme, a strategy, an overall goal, all the while trying to figure out who I would be targeting and what the hell was I going to write about. Weirdly enough it all just fell into place pretty quickly. I was literally shaking when I shared my first ever post on Facebook for all of my friends to see. I was waiting for an onslaught of abuse. I’d put myself up there for ridicule and I knew it, I was completed exposed and I didn’t know if I was ready.

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To my absolute shock people didn’t hate it, they actually enjoyed it. I refreshed the analytics page, within a few minutes I had 300 views and lots of messages from well-wishers.From that moment on there hasn’t been a day that has pasted that I haven’t been thinking about the blog. What to write about, improvements to make, how to promote and grow. It has been the most amazing experience and to say I’ve learnt lots is an understatement. Here’s just some that I learnt that I think people should note regardless of weather they want to start a blog or not, just with goals in general.

1)      You are your own biggest critic. Stop being so hard on yourself and start letting yourself do what you truly want to do.
2)      That being said, don’t be afraid of some constructive criticism. If someone is willing to help you then let them. Everyone sees things differently, let others share with you what they see.
3)      Supporters are amazing. There is no other way of putting it. The people who love you want to see you succeed and be happy. Even they people who just kind of like you, those who might give you the odd Facebook poke, ya even they would like to see you be successful.
4)      It’s a lot of work. 1 post takes an entire evening and that’s only if I have an idea ready to go and I’m feeling inspired. It difficult when you work full time, but if you want to do it you will make time. If I’m honest, I love knowing I’m going home to blog.
5)      You make a whole new network of people. What ever you decide to get into, if you really engage you will meet lots of other likeminded people. I’ve been to lots of bloggers events (ITWBN) and I couldn’t believe there were so many other bloggers and even more they were just like me! Well most of them dressed better and have nicer make up but in general there were similarities.

The moral of this post is if I can do anyone can do it. 

If anyone has any questions about blogging, The MOD's blog, bloggy blog blog, then just shoot me a message on my Facebook page! :)

Thanks for reading, MOD X :)