I jaunted over to London with friends last weekend. A city bursting with heritage and culture, you can't move for things to take photos of. I had been there many times before but never had the opportunity to do the "touristy" things. I took full advantage of the fact my friends knew London well. A group of skittish and animated Irish girls strolling around London taking in every breath and letting it out with a burst of song. Let me share my observations, recommendations and overall experience.

1) The Underground - Flying from Cork to Standsted airport, then the Standsted express to the London Underground. It's easy to pretend you know where you are going because you can just follow the crowd. I felt like a big woolly sheep shuffling along a giant maze. 

                                  "I have no idea where I'm going ...!"     Image source: www.smogon.com

London is a massive city. You need to get used to the taking the underground as it's the most reasonablly priced form of transport and really the easiest way to travel. It can get boring so make sure to annoy fellow passengers by singing....


2) Clapham Junction - I was told we were heading out in Clapham Junction Saturday night and that we were heading to a nightclub called The Swan. "Oh it's great", they said, "all The Hills of Donegal and lots of Irish there"....oh right that's kind of what I just came from but Irish people abroad, they are kind of hard to miss and to be fair, great craic. The club was £15 entry and I asked the doorman a number of times "is there a meal now with this? Is there an aul curry upstairs for us?" to which he responded "No dahlin and you'll have to move now you're holding up the que." It was worth the £15 though, it was lots of fun. Once our feet started to get sore and the need for some chips grew we headed off out for a taxi and who needs a radio when you have a group of fantastic singers who know all the words to the Rattlin Bog. 

3) Camden - On Sunday we wandered into Camden Town which I must say I loved every part of, I do think I am part hippie. There is so much to see and you could really spend the day checking out all the random things on show. 


So many nice food stalls I couldn't resist some fresh donugnuts and coffee. "What kind of coffee would ya like dahlin?" ..."Americano of course,...papa l' americano.

4) Hyde Park - On our final day we decided to take it easy and have a leisurely stroll in Hype park. It's such a gem, so picturesque and hipster, a huge park in central London. It's like something out of an Enid Blyton book, large green spaces, tall trees, fallen leaves and squirrels. We saw 2 girls looking all cool one with a Canon snapping pics of her friend sitting in the grass feeding squirrels. I thought we can be just as good as them. I told Vanessa to go play with squirrels and I would take some snaps. Although it wasn't as picturesque as our competition we did get some great footage with the squirrels.....

Easily the highlight of my trip!

So, in summary, London it's expensive, fast-paced, eccentric and I LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading, 
MOD :) x