THROWBACK THURSDAY : The Reflection Register

Most days, at some stage, I listen to Spotify. It’s full of fantastic playlists, my personal favourites being New Music Friday and Throwback Thursday (FYI, this isn't a sales pitch or am I in anyway being financially remunerated by Spotify, I just like it). Today, on this Throwback Thursday, I listened to a 90's themed playlist. 90's music, love it or hate it, for my age category, will transport you back in time. The playlist made me look back with nostalgia and had me thinking about my childhood. It’s funny to think that the things that stick out the most are the really simple things. In particular, memories with my siblings topped the reflection register.

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I am the youngest of 5. One of my brothers is just a year older and my 3 other siblings being a few more years older than me. Everyone always says being the baby of the family is great because you get spoiled and what can I say I had it easy. However, it can have it’s disadvantages…

     1)   They know how to annoy you – every single morning without fail my brother would do whatever it took to delay me and in a ripple effect my mother would then be angry at me. It was a win win for him really. He achieved this by breathing, yes breathing, on my breakfast. My mother would turn her back for just a moment and he would get a good exhale of breath on my food. Mom still mentions it if she sees me eating cereal. “Oh so no one “breathed” on this now did they?”.

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     2)   You’re the bud of the joke – most of the time not really getting the joke meant you were the joke. My father worked as a stone mason for years and there were often large mounds of sand outside our home. One summers day my brothers called me over from across the garden knowing that I would take the shortcut over the sand. I didn’t stop to think why there was a strategically placed plastic bag at the top of the mound. It was covering a hole for me to stumble upon and who knows, possibly sprain my ankle.

Not as bad as Madonna's fall, I mean no one got fired when I fell over. 
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     3)   Terrifying TV – with one TV in our house for years it meant you had shut up and put up with whatever was on at the time. This meant I watched TV shows and movies I shouldn't have and left me terrified. The X-Files, CandyMan, Dawson’s Creek….

It's scary to think 6 seasons of this cheese were created. 

     4)   There's never enough anything – Friday in my house you couldn't move for tasty Friday treats and the fridge was full to the brim. Come Saturday morning when ya wana chill with your bowl of Frosties and a few cartoons, not a drop of milk left. I cried.

In all fairness, there are many advantages too. There was always a bit of craic around the house, it was never quiet and I never felt lonely. Those guys rock and I have a lot to thank them for, but I won’t as that’s far too cheesy for the blog like. 

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