So Facebook kindly reminded me today that I had not posted in 11 days! How kind of them to communicate my inadequate blog content creation of late, however I had a valid reason. You see MOD was moving house.  Yes, the MOD have moved from the rolling hills of the countryside to the urban outskirts of the bustling metropolis that is Galway city. To say I’m excited is an understatement and I am so delighted to be sharing this new chapter in my life with 2 of the best house mates a girl could ask for.

When it comes to finding the perfect place, it's not as straight forward as one might think. The process can be long winded and exhausting and sometimes you might feel like just giving up, but don't. Your dream home (rental home, rich fancy buyers need not continue to read) is just around the corner. For you to obtain it read on the and see what to do and what not to do in the search for the perfect place and how to keep it. 

1) Evaluate your price range and be realistic about it. 

house hunting:
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2) Once you've started viewing places make sure to play it cool 

You don't want your potential landlord to be on to your interest, they'll just hike the price. So instead of "wow, it's so beautiful" or "the location is so perfect" , say things like "I wouldn't live in this s**thole if you were paying me", "it further from civilisation that the Australian outback" and a great one is "it looks nothing like the ad". The reverse psychology will make them panic, making them think that no one will want to rent and assume you as perfect candidates. Treat em mean, keep em keen.

3) Now you're in, it's time to get settled 

Your first night in your new place will pave the way for the rest of your lease. Think long and hard about one thing....where you decide to sit. Honestly, it becomes and unwritten rule that everyone has their own "spot". I don't know why but it just happens so make sure you are the first there and if there's a couch be smart, sprawl there.

Image source: www.homedit.com

4) Be friendly

As in to your neighbours. A simple hello as you walk by or on the way to the carpark. As time goes by maybe even a wave from the distance with an accompanying smile. Keep it simple. Going over the top in an attempt to impress and befriend will usually have the opposite affect. The last thing you want to be is the creepy new girl who stares. 

You are not obliged to invite them to the house warming. Image source : blogs.babycenter.com

5) Get to know the area

Once you're settled try and get to know your surroundings. This is vital for the nights you may have one tipple too many... "ok I can't remember the name of the estate.... hiccup.... but there is definitely a big tree beside our house...ya it's like a tree with leaves." . 
I'm already getting to know my new place. It's just beautiful with a fantastic view of the sea and what's even more fantastic than the view of the sea is that I can see it from the bay window which is suitability placed beside the phone which is conveniently the other end of the Dominos line.

I do love pizza.....image source : en.rocketnews24.com

If you are looking for any additional pointers on getting and maintaining the perfect rented accommodation just give MOD a shout. I probably won't be able to help you, lets be realistic here, but I'll try make you laugh and sure isn't that just as good. 

Thanks for reading, 
MOD :)