At this point I have written dedicated posts about everyone close to me, my friends, my brothers, my sister and my father, but one person has managed to go unscathed. This humorous heroine is my wonderful mother. Sunday just past was the annual Hallmark Holiday of Mother's day which I was lucky enough to get to spend with her. 

Talented in so many ways, most of which go completely unbeknownst to herself. Some of her traits, characteristics and even quirks are very unique to her and others are definitely "Irish-Mammyisms". 

Tea : "I don't trust anyone who doesn't like tea"

Her exact words. She is a full on tea addict. Not only is she an addict, but she's a pusher. Tea goes with every meal breakfast, lunch, dinner, after dinner, in a crisis, when you're sick regardless of if you like it or not.

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Psychic ability : "get the thing there beside the yoke"

I always felt she may have had psychic abilities as every time she wants something, even though she never specifically indicated what it was I still knew what the "thing" was or the "other yoke over there" that she was looking for. It may have been telepathy or maybe just process of elimination and flailing hands. 

Clothing : "It's different"

She could never openly lie to my face particularly on new clothing items. So when I would ask her opinion, if she doesn't like it her response is always " well it's different anyway". Funny thing is I know, so it's an instant return. 

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Lies - "Maybe" 

Growing up in the country and the fact that it rains all the time meant getting lifts everywhere was absolutely vital. My mother (and her car) were my lifeline, my chariot to the outside world, or really just to the city centre where my friends were. Gentle bribery was enacted most weekends of my teenage years. 

Mom : If you hoover the entire house, wash the windows inside and out, spread weed killer out on the driveway and go up the back fields and check if that cow has calved, then maybe, just MAYBE, I'll give you a life to town at 3pm"
**3pm arrives.
Me: Mom it's 3 now...
Mom: "Ara Jesus, Maria can't you see I'm busy now I don't have time to be chauffeuring you around the town". 

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All slagging aside, I'm very lucky to have a mother who is more impressed by the level of discounting I managed to get out of my weekly shop at Dunnes rather than my career goals. Never superficial or fake, the most unintentional funny friend I could hope for.  Happy Mother's Day momma bear. 

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