Today I drove past my old college, GMIT in Galway. Every time I pass, I get a mystifying pang of nostalgia that throws my mind of track and sends me back to my undergraduate days. There are certain things I experienced in my 4 years of studying there that I think are definitely not unique to me. They may simply be relative to the age bracket I felt into at the time or simply the era I was living in. However, here is a list of some of the experiences and escapades I went through and maybe you can relate. 

1) Pressure to make friends

It was tough. 1 year, know no one, the pressure is on to make friends. Also, these are the people you will spend most of your time with over the next 3-4 years you must choose wisely and not rapidly, EVEN if it means sitting on your own in the canteen for the first few weeks. 

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2) Free stuff

Even if you don't need it, you take free stuff being handed out by the students union, in particular freshers packs, containing Pot Noodles in flavours you've never seen before and you will most likely not eat and key rings for brands you've never heard off, but it's free and you live up to your stereotypical "poor" student lifestyle. 

3) Skipped lectures for tea

It's the last lecture of the day and you've just spent the past 3 and a half hours mopping around the cafe trying to waste time until the class but now you've gotten too comfy. "Sure will we just have more tea and we can get the notes online?" "Sure why not, we've only had 6 today and that 3 less than our usual quota".

4) Skipped lectures for drink

Is that a glimmer of sunshine I see through the clouds?! TO THE SPARCH !!!

Quite catchy yet extremely random tune I found in my Google search.

5) Library fines

Those librarians take there job seriously and do not take kindly to students taking advantage of the fantastic selection of books readily available to students. There penalties are equally as serious. "Maria, this book is overdue for 47 weeks. I'm afraid I'm going to have to fine you". "Oh jeez, what's the damage?"...."That'll be €0.47 please." 

6) Naggins

Ah the humble naggin, a staple feature of most college students diet. Getting the best value naggin was advantageous to your social life. 

Cheaper naggin + more nights out = Bants/Lols X 1000

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7) Rag week 

Tying in nicely with point 4 and 6 above, RAG week (which stands for raise a grand) grew from a nice charitable initiative where students would work to raise money for those in need. However this slowly transformed into a pretence and in fact was just a week long boozing sesh. This was always the week lectures would give the best exam tips...

8) Freaked in a group project 

"Janie, I swear if you breath like that one more time...OK THAT'S IT!! I'm dropping out. I don't care if it's semester 2 of final year I can't listen to Janie breath like that again!"

Mini-meltdowns are commonplace. 

9) Crammed

Cramming for exams is half the craic sure. Adding some flair and excitement into your life. Will I fail? will I pass?... ooo who knows! Sure if you knew you were going to pass that would make it easy. 

10) Graduated

In the end it was all worth it. But just when you thought things couldn't get any tougher than final year exams, you start working in your chosen profession and realise that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Image source: My own image, that's me :)

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