MICELLANEOUS MONDAY : 5 Irrational Fears that our parents didn't have to deal with

It's certainly true that times have really changed from our parents time. The worries and woes of their time were definitely disparate to those of my peers and I. When my parents were my age they were rearing 3 children in a home they owned themselves. I'm sure they worried about their children's health and long term financial security. Now, I'm not saying that no one worries about these things nowadays and I'm certainly not saying that one day I won't dwell on the same issues, but right now my fears are certainly different. My fears are different because they are technology based and I'm sure my mother would have worried about the angle of her selfies when she was 28 but alas, Smartphones did not exist. 

Here are some of the ridiculous fears I face on a regular basis...

1) Answering the phone to a number I don't recognise 

I don't know what this is about but it's a serious one. The fear of a number you don't know. The only people who call me are my mom, my siblings, my small circle of friends. Answering calls to numbers you don't know can only lead to DISASTER. We're talking telemarketers, debt collectors or even worse that creepy guy from Halo that you've done well to avoid on Facebook. 

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2) Keeping up with all social media channels

You need to keep up with all channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat - how do people expect me to get along with my daily tasks like holding down a job and maintaining healthy relationships when there is at least 3-6 hours worth of work to be invested in this. Also, you have to be considerate of what channels you want to interact on, you don't just jump in to the newest fad. Remember Voxer ? .... shudder. 

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3) Being careful to not look like a twat on social media

Be careful what you share, it says a lot about you. "1 like = 1 prayer". It literally doesn't. Jesus doesn't care for social media. 

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4) What if the wifi goes down?

OMG no dear Lord please , not now, not on holidays when data costs €57 per megabyte. I can't deal. 

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5) The fear of being without a phone

So you're having a little wander around Pennys and you see a goofy top with a unicorn on it and of course you go to take a Snapchat to send you your bestie. Then you realise you've left your phone at home charging in your room. The panic. It could be a good 3 hours before you get home and what if somethings happened , like in the world and you don't know about it. 

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Irrational, but relatable I think?

Thanks for reading. 

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