THANKFUL TUESDAY : For Tea of Course

As children, our wants  are unique and for the most part random. The innocence of youth allows us to go forth without fear of judgement and do as we please. 

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However, as we age we become much more likely to conform to social norms, even in some ways becoming almost cult like. One particular group I've observed are the elderly and more commonly known as Aul Wans and Aul Fellas. What I have come to observe is that although each person is completely individual they do for the most part all love the same things...


Ya can't bate a 99's. More than partial to it myself, the Irish Aul Pair can't refuse a 99's on a hot day. 

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The Fine Day 

Ya can't bate the fine day in their eyes. Although, they also seem to enjoy...

"The Bitta Rain"

Why anyone would want a bit if rain in Ireland always perplexes me. 

Winning Streak 

I think it's the combination of Marty Whelan's charisma and the 40-50% chance that they will be related to someone holding a banner in the studio audience. All in all, great TV for the Aul Pair to indulge in on a Friday night. 

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The Lotto

I think it's more of a habitual than a physical addiction but have you ever seen an Aul Wan who forgot to do the lotto?! Newsagent staff screaming "This woman needs 6 lines of Quick Pick and a Lotto Plus STAT!!"


With all meals. Meals without spuds are reserved for the rare occurrence of being "out foreign".


To accompany the spuds of course! Not only a warming beverage but also the curer of many the ailment. 

In all fairness, after listing all of the above I'm starting to feel very much the Aul Wan. I love 99's, whatever the weather. Who can resist Marty's charm? I do the lotto most weeks (I have an online a/c). Spuds I have on the reg (in chip form mostly) and tea, who the hell can love without tea. I am very thankful for Tea. 

Thanks for reading!

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