Summer Lovin...

Ah summer, what a wonderful time of the year. The evenings are longer giving you the opportunity to do more outdoor activities and general "Carpe Diem" type of stuff. It inspires you to have an overall better attitude. Apparently it's the the increase in your daily Vitamin D intake. As much as I love this time of year there are certain things about it that just get on my goat. 


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I don't have it or anything so some may say my argument is invalid, but lots of other people do have it and them sneezing within a 500m radius of me causes me to shudder and I don't know why. Knowing that once the sneezing starts it's unlikely to stop and in often cases it sounds as though a small animal, such as a cat or raccoon, is being sucked into a vortex to their demise. Maybe I have an overly active imagination and shouldn't overthink someone else's seasonal allergy, but what ya gonna do. 

Flip Flops

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Ok, I don't think I'm the only one here. Most of the year those freaky looking tootsies are kept confined to enclosed footwear, where they belong, which is great we don't have to see them. More so than anyone's, I don't like seeing my own feet which, at best, look like a Sky TV remote with some cocktail sausages poking out the top (just a beautiful visual for you there). 


I feel as though there is an expectation that you will become more engaged in sports activities. "Who fancies some tag rugby?" or "Shall we go to the diving board?"... I want to be a hermit in winter so why would this fact change simply because the time has changed by 1 hour? 

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In all honesty, I know that with one quick Google, I could have the answer for something I've always pondered... what is the difference between bees and wasps? I'm never going to find out because it's good to have some mystery in your life and right now this is certainly the peak of mystery in mine. I don't really care either, they are both fuzzy, buzzy muppets who can (or maybe they can't, who knows) sting me. Irrational fear consumes me when I hear them and that's not healthy for anyone 3-4 months of the year. 

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Well, despite all of the above I still love Summer, it really is my favourite time of the year. Sometimes sunshine, BBQs, family gatherings, festivals and of course friends. I'd take all the bees in the world to get to enjoy these things all the time... maybe not all the bees, but a few anyways.

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