THROWBACK THURSDAY : Your last holiday

Last weekend

Last weekend I enjoyed a fun filled weekend of memory making and to the contrary, memory loss. 22 hens headed off to Newcastle, England to see what the Geordie's had to offer. I'd been there before and really enjoyed it and this time didn't disappoint either. The craic is what you make it and banter certainly followed our group. 

But going away on a holiday means your everyday routine is out of sync and with the excitement of what lays ahead you become forgetful. Here are just some of the things that girls say and what happens on a girls holiday.

1) "Did you bring face wipes hun?"

Normal skincare routines go out the window. There are numerous cocktails and Prosecco consumed, there really is no time for the regular 5 step skincare programme of  :

1. Cleanse - 2. Tone - 3. Moisturise - 4. Be disturbed at the sight of your face without make-up - 5. Sudocream 

So you revert to good old fashioned face wipes, which you are hoping someone brought because you typically forgot. 

2) "Have you got cash?"

In the age of technology you'd think we'd have learnt how to use an ATM! I glide through life assuming everyone carries a card machine, which of course is just not financial viable. 
"So that's £3.37 please?" "Right do you take card?", "Ah no miss, this is a market stall and I'm actually selling stolen goods"....."Ok, I better leave it so, I've only got my Visa, sorry."

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3) "Gis a sup a dat?"

Realistically you would be in a better position drinking pints of Guinness on a girls holiday over a fancy, exotic and extravagant cocktail. The reason being if someone has a Funky Monkey then everyone gotta taste the Funky Monkey and your take away is approximately 10-15% of the original measure. 

4) "Can I use your charger?"

It's a wonder anyone would be away from their charger long enough to actually use their phone and forget to unplug it and bring it with them, but on rare occasions it happens particularly in the event that your passport is your priority. Extended periods of Airplane mode and Energy Saving mode to ensure enough battery power to update Snapchat when wifi becomes available. Sure if it's not on Snapchat did it even really happen? I don't know.

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5) "I actually have nothing to wear"

The fact of the matter is you have, in fact, far more than enough to wear. Your problem is you only have clothing for the Oscars after-party accompanied by tropical weather you had clearly anticipated with that get-up. The fact is you didn't bring enough layer because you thought when you left Ireland you also left the rain behind, but eh no it rains in other countries too. 

This post is specially dedicated to my good friend Nicola who's Hen Party took place on Newcastle last weekend. Hope you had as much fun as I did! x